Oh no! Avram Grant angry that being mates with Chelsea’s owner didn’t help him keep his job

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Despite a multi-million pound payoff from a job that he would never have got at any other top club, Avram Grant is apparently a bit miffed that his mate Roman didn’t have more patience. While many fans immediately had a distaste for Grant since he was clearly hired through the age-old tradition of nepotism, his defenders still claimed he was somehow qualified.

But if these quotes are true, and there’s a really good chance they aren’t, then the only real option is to put your hands on your belly and laugh. The good people at F365 have the quote,

“I took on the job at a very difficult time but Chelsea have pulled the plug on me. I feel very hurt, upset and angry.”

It is understood that Grant was dismissed in person by Roman Abramovich after being summoned to the Chelsea owner’s London mansion. “I feel completely betrayed,”

Yeah, he took the job at a real difficult time. Few managers would have had the balls to step into a squad that cost hundreds of millions to build and had won 2 of the last 3 Premier League titles. A terrible place for a manager.

Look up Avram Grant in the dictionary, it will say “noun: hero“.

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