15 million midfielder gets approval for his Liverpool switch

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When (if ever) are the Gareth Barry to Liverpool links going to end? Apparently it isn’t anytime soon, after another former coach of Barry’s came forward and made it clear that the time is now for the English midfielder to make his move away from Villa Park.

The Telegraph is reporting that former Brighton coach (Barry’s coach 15 years ago), Les Rogers, believes it’s time for Barry to move on to his next challenge at Anfield and fully approves of the switch:

“…the opportunity to move to a top four club is too great. I think Gareth should go. How often will this opportunity come around?”

“If Gareth didn’t go, it would end up being a ‘what if’ scenario. He might end up having a drop in form and regret his decision to stay.

“I think he will go and he should go.” (Telegraph)

Holding on to his England place might be a good reason to move to Merseyside, where he would be able to play Champions League football with one of the top clubs in the world. But the question still remains: Why hasn’t Barry made it clear that he wants to leave?

Do you think Rogers has a point about Barry moving to Liverpool, or he is better off staying at Villa for a couple more seasons?

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