At this rate, everyone is going to want to leave Chelsea ASAP.

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What is it about £2 million Ferrari’s that seems to bring even the staunchest enemies back to together? Upset that your mate fired you? Would a few million pounds for less than a years work heal those wounds?

The Telegraph is reporting that Roman and the Special One could be having a reunion sooner than we think — and it could be thanks to a Ferrari 612 Scaglietti.

The 612 Scaglietti is Ferrari’s only four seater and Mourinho wanted it so he could drive a sports car that was practical for a man with a young family. A special edition of the model was produced to commemorate the Italian company’s 60th birthday and only 60 were made. (Telegraph)

Nothing was said for around 5 months, at which point Tenenbaum contacted Mourinho to say that a gift from Abramovich was on its way to him – three days later he took delivery of the £2 million car in the week following Chelsea’s defeat to Tottenham in the Carling Cup final. (Telegraph)

Mourinho called Abramovich to thank him and the pair quickly renewed an amenable relationship opening the way for a return at some stage for Mourinho. He has stated in the past that one day he would like to return to Stamford Bridge. (Telegraph)

Let this be a lesson to all of you: If you’ve going to win back a friend, understand that a pint is no longer going to cut it. It’s all about rare Ferrari’s. Add this to the £5-8 million farewell that Avram Grant is getting for 8 months work and it seems like the best thing someone in football can do is to work for, and be fired by, Chelsea football club.

So what’s your take Chelsea supporters: Is a £2 million Ferrari enough to bring the Special One back, or is this just another absurd story to stir the managerial pot at Stamford Bridge?

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