Rafa Benitez isn’t particularly confident in Liverpool’s title hopes

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Fresh off not coming remotely close to the league title again, Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez already seems resigned to the same next year when giving an interview to the club’s official website. He may just be trying to keep his expectations low, but hasn’t he done that enough by the performances on the pitch?

When asked whether ‘pool can win the league, he said:

“It is an option, for sure,” he told the club’s website, www.liverpoolfc.tv.

Ok… bad start, but go on…

“We know our weaknesses and our strengths. We know where we need to improve, so we’ll try to build a new team looking at these things.

“It’s more difficult than in Spain because the top sides spend big, big money. We will try to do our best and the key for me is to not talk about the title.

“The key is to be near the top, to be contenders. If we stay close then I think we are capable of doing it.

“It’s more difficult because after two years of Chelsea winning the league and spending big money, United needed to do the same.

“They started spending big money and Arsenal were also spending big money on young players. We are trying to do the same but because they (Man Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal) are continuing to spend big money, it makes it more difficult to catch up.

“You also see Aston Villa, Newcastle, West Ham and Everton spending money and having strong teams. It’s not easy to be in the top four and be contenders but because we have a young squad we can try again.”

Something is probably lost in translation there, as the nuances of expression are difficult even for someone whose English is pretty solid by now, so we’ll give him a break there. But by that last sentence he’s gone from comparing the team to United, Arsenal and Chelsea to talking about the threat of Villa, Newcastle, Everton and – erm – West Ham.

So is this just some diplomatic interview by the boss, or do Liverpool fans want a little more next season?

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