Is Kenwright the sole reason Moyes’ Everton contract remains unsigned?

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The actors union Equity has lashed out at Everton chairman and theatre luvvy Bill Kenwright, claiming that he is the “the worst payer in the West End”. Does this back up the rumours swilling around Goodison that Blue Bill is full of hot air when it comes to splashing the cash?

Equity President Harry Landis grumbled:

“Now I’m not backward in mentioning names – some people don’t like to, but I’m going to. Bill Kenwright is the worst payer in the West End, paying minimum for everything. It is his representative on their [Society of London Theatre’s] negotiating team that I think is holding us up [in the negotiations for a new West End minimum].”

Will tightwad Billy eventually force Moyes from Goodison or does he take a different approach where football matters are concerned?

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