Is Chelsea skipper really happy now he scored for England?

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Surely no one in their right mind thinks that John Terry’s goal for England against the US makes up for his penalty pratfall against Man Utd in the Champions League final?? The papers are brimming with the same predictable tripe and balderdash about how JT’s angst has been lessened by a goal for his nation when, outside of the crazed tabloid headlines, it is akin to saying that losing that winning lottery ticket has been made up for by a naked kissogram from this man.

The Sun are the first to bluster in with their headline:

“TERRY TANKS YANKS – Fab skipper banishes Euro Cup demons”

and the Daily Mail continues that sentiment by referring to the “Boost For Skipper Terry”. Surely this is all a steaming pile of gubbins – why would a poxy goal in a snore-inducing friendly against the US make up for John Terry’s Champions League tears?

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