Bostock balls-up; is the stepfather to blame for a Crystal Palace-Spurs feud?…

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As tactless acts go, sending over a letter to ‘request a price’ for Crystal Palace’s midfield superstar John Bostock takes some beating; especially if you throw in the fact that this letter arrived at Palace HQ the night of their second leg play-off tussle with Bristol City. The culprits were Spurs, but the focus of Palace chairman Simon Jordan’s molten rage is Bostock’s stepfather Mick Brown, who he has accused of engineering a move to White Hart Lane. Simon Jordan yesterday opened his cakehole and unleashed a top quality rant, he even managed to get a reference to the Usual Suspects in there:

“He [Brown] looked me in the eye on three occasions and categorically assured me that the boy wanted to stay at Palace.

“Then he tells me that a member of our coaching staff, some mythical Keyser Söze figure [a character from the film The Usual Suspects], told him that John was not Neil Warnock’s type of player and that he had no future at the club.

“That is a blatant lie. The man is a barefaced liar. It’s all about money, which is pitiful when it reaches the level of a 16-year-old. If John had wanted to join Tottenham then fair enough, just say so. Why did we have to go through the whole charade of his step-father’s litany of lies?” (Guardian)

So is the step-dad a sly git, or is he just looking out for his step-son?

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