Cristiano Ronaldo is set to leap into Real Madrid’s arms…

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…According to The Guardian – a pretty reliable source – who themselves quote Marca – a truly grubby source – and their interview with Cristiano Ronaldo’s godfather, Fernao Sousa, who basically says that his godson should – and will – move to Real Madrid.

Sousa said:

“I believe that he has decided he is going to Real Madrid but he is not going to say so until after the European Championship.”

“Madrid is my team, the best team in the world, and I’d like him to go there, I love Madrid and I would go and live with him.”

As sources go, Marca is very ropey, and Ronaldo’s godfather has a barely concealed love for Real Madrid – but stranger things would have happened than Ronaldo making his way to the Bernebeu.

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