Chelsea striker goes insane at Euro 2008: Is this his attempt at a silent temper tantrum?

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You really do have to love the tenacity emanating from Chelsea striker Nicolas Anelka. Not only has the Frenchman made it clear that he’s ready to fire the club back into the Premiership Title next season, but he’s also said that he guarantees he’ll score 35 goals next sea…

Oops, nevermind, I was reading the wrong story. Apparently Anelka would like to do the exact opposite next season. You know, the part where is dances around the field and does nothing for 90 minutes.

In French Anelka apparently doesn’t mean ruthless striker. It actually stands for: floating striker that doesn’t enjoy scoring goals, but instead enjoys playing because he loves the game (so that’s why he made the move from Bolton to Chelsea last season!).

“Goals are not my thing,” Anelka, 29, said. “I don’t play football to score goals. I love the game.

“I am not interested in scoring if I play poorly during the match. It is for this reason that I want to play behind a main striker. It is where I feel I am most useful. People only remember goals. I am different.” (Telegraph)

He’s YOUR striker Chelsea supporters! Do you think Anelka has gone off the reservation since he left the club to join Les Bleus at Euro 2008? Or is this his way of telling everyone that he’s fine not playing in his traditional 4-4-2 role?

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