No more freebie suits for Newcastle players

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It’s official – Newcastle United are starting to engage in cost-cutting activities. Mike Ashley wasn’t going to splurge his millions forever and the fabulous Shields Gazette reports that the Magpies players have been told that the club won’t pay them to look smart on match-days.

NEWCASTLE United are set to continue their cost-cutting measures – by making players pay for their own club suits.

The highly-paid stars will have to dig into their deep pockets before the start of the new season, as owner Mike Ashley gets tough with the finances at St James’s Park.

The players have yet to be informed of the decision, and some of them are bound to not be happy, but it is doubtful whether anyone will go public with their complaints.

It’s more accurate to say it’s doubtful that any of the players will notice such a small deduction from their pay packet. If Ashley and Co are really serious about trimming costs, why not base the salaries more on how well the team performs? That should motivate the players sufficiently when they step out on to the pitch, knowing that the purchase of a fifth car will only be possible if they win that particular match.

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