No more bread and cheese for Chelsea manager and his poverty-stricken family

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You could never accuse the football world of living in a bubble, oh no. While the vast majority of us have to work damn hard to afford a two-week holiday every year, football players and managers accrue thousands of pounds every week, especially those who play or manage top-end Premier League clubs.

Therefore, it doesn’t exactly make you warm to ‘Big’ Phil Scolari when you read that part of the reason behind joining Chelsea was the financial security provided. Surely this man, as manager of Portugal, cannot be short of a bob or two. The Guardian report that money was a driving factor behind his imminent arrival at Stamford Bridge, although why can’t he be honest and say he saw the £££ signs flash up in front of his eyes?

“Finance was one of the reasons, absolutely,” said Scolari, who will be paid £5m a season at Stamford Bridge. “There is also a different situation. I’ve got a family and other possibilities opened up for me. I might offer my younger son opportunities he would not have had. This [Portugal] has been a process that’s lasted for five and a half years. I never worked for a club for five and a half years. Sometimes it’s good to change things, it’s positive.

“I’m 59 and I’m going to be 60 soon. I want to work for five, six more years and retire. I always say you only get an opportunity once to take it or leave it.”

Yes, Phil’s son will now get opportunities he never had before, such as the chance to own a yacht where some busty blondes will swill champagne with him. I suppose he should get some credit for not banging about the ‘unique opportunity’ that presented itself at Chelsea, when in reality, being manager of this team is very much a steering job for the most part.

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