Which is the most tedious transfer rumour; Ronaldo to Real, Lampard to Inter, or Barry to Liverpool?

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The silly season isn’t even in full flow yet, and already we have been assaulted with a trio of transfer rumours that threaten to be as boring and interminable as watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy on loop…
Exhibit A – Cristiano Ronaldo’s ‘will-he/won’t-he’ Man Utd/Real Madrid snoozefest. To be frank, I no longer care whether the wet-haired twinkle-toed one stays or goes, as long as he puts the footballing world out of our misery and makes a decision.

Exhibit B – Frank Lampard is inexplicably spending his hols on a packed public beach, let’s hope he’s having a long hard think about his potential Inter move, as the whole ‘Frank is leaving Chelsea’ malarkey has been floating around for years now.

Exhibit C – Gareth Barry to Liverpool, as excruciating a combination as haemorrhoids and constipation, and one that is still rolling on. And on. And on. And on.

Three irritating transfer rumours that are driving the footballing community to the edge of sanity, but which one is the most annoying?

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