Ex-Arsenal keeper claims Euro 2008 final ref was biased!

You have to hand it to Jens Lehmann, he does come out with some belting comments. My favourite of last season was when he claimed that Almunia hated him, something which many of us can empathise with I’m sure.

After his German team were convincingly beaten 1-0 in the Euro 2008 final against Spain, you might expect the shot-stopper to have a little humility, heaping praise on his worth opponents. However, the Press Association reports that this isn’t the way that the former Arsenal goalkeeper rolls when it comes to speaking to the press. Check out these deluded comments:

Lehmann, who tried to speak to Rosetti after the final whistle, said: “He was very arrogant and in my opinion he was biased. He clearly saw a head-butt from a Spanish player towards Lukas Podolski, he didn’t book him or give him a red card.

“Just before the end we had a good chance in the penalty area and all of a sudden he gave a foul against us where even the Spanish players were surprised to get a free-kick. It was very disappointing.”

What about the fact that Spain battered you for most of the match and should have won 4-0 Jens? Do you really have to make yourself look silly with the above utterances? Maybe Podolski had a part to play in the headbutt incident too, after storming over to Silva like an angry bull.

Mind you, would we expect anything less than the above tripe from Mr Lehmann?

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