SEVEN reasons why Cristiano Ronaldo will never be bigger than Manchester United!

1) The Portuguese star has a very short memory indeed, it was Sir Alex and the Old Trafford outfit that stood by the star when he was hated by the entire nation following his ‘winking’ debacle against England during the 2006 World Cup.

2) He should realise that no player is bigger than the club.

3) Having only recently signed a very lucrative extension in April 2007, the number seven has further proved the theory that contracts mean nothing in football by essentially encouraging Real Madrid to continue their illegal advances.

4) Whilst it is true that the lack of loyalty in the game is nothing new, the manner and behaviour of the 23-year-old has been nothing short of shocking. He has constantly stated his future is at Old Trafford and that he loves the club and was not contemplating an exit, but here he is weeks later speaking of his desire to play in La Liga.

5) Having made Ronaldo the player and star that he is today, you would expect the player to have an ounce of respect for the club he is currently defiling, but that isn’t the case. The language he has used in recent days regarding the prospect of a move are nothing short of scandalous and seem to attempt to portray himself as a passive player in this game of cat and mouse between the two clubs. Quotes such as “The possibilities to go are great, but as I have always said it doesn’t always depend on me.” are hugely misleading. It’s simple really if Ronaldo didn’t want to leave then he would only have to say so.

6) Whilst it’s true that footballers should in some ways be treated just like any other workers who should be able to freely move from job to job, the manner in which the number seven has behaved would not be accepted by any business. It would be churlish of anyone to wish misfortune or bad luck to Ronaldo in his career from this point on, but I feel confident than he will never hit the highs he attained last season, and I hope he gains comfort from his even more obscene pay packet as clearly money is a factor that greatly motivates him.

7) Real Madrid, the club who has so blatantly tapped up Ronaldo, are not a bigger club than Man United so rather than deeming the move as a step up the player has in fact taken a step backwards, good luck with that Cristiano!

Ronaldo should realise that his behaviour in recent weeks has turned those who adored him very much against him. If he continues to believe his own hype and carry himself with the same air of selfishness as he has from day one, then he will find that he is heading for one hell of a fall.

I should add that I am by no means a Man United fan, but I feel for their fans as Cristiano has dealt them a bitter blow. However a club of their magnitude, and make no mistake Mr Ronaldo, United are the biggest club on the planet and not Real, will always be bigger than any one player and is certainly bigger than a player who clearly has no moral backbone whatsoever. Unlike his last action in a United shirt, he will not be missed!

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