Premier League greed: Which wantaway star’s are ready to shun their club to make THIS starting XI?

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Money, Greed and WAGs. If there was ever a motto that most EPL players live by today, this would no doubt be the one.

In a world where players constantly jockey for more money in a business built on who’s making more per week, the EPL summer transfer window has turned into a free-for-all where even the most dedicated stalwart has a price.

Big names try like hell to move from one club to another, all for the chance to earn up a couple extra million quid. And you know what? If you asked a player why he left his former club, there’s a good chance he would say that it was “just business.” Bless!

Knee deep into the transfer period, many high quality Prem ace’s have already quietly (or loudly in Ronaldo’s case) made it known that they’re ready to move on to greener pastures.

With the influx of EPL names being thrown about this summer, The Spoiler has taken the transfer reigns by compiling a pretty damn good starting XI based solely on wantaway players that feel the need to leave their respective Premier League club for the almighty pound.

If you put this team together on a pitch I can almost guarantee you that they’d spend more time trying to calculate who on the team was making more money, then they would playing actual football!

Take a look at the list and let ’em know if they missed a massive name in their starting XI.

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