Tottenham Fans Must Be Patient If They Want Top 4 Finish

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The end of the 05-06 season which saw Tottenham cruelly lose out on a Champions League place due to an ‘accidental’ food poisoning, gave birth to the ongoing debate as to whether Spurs should be finishing in the top 4.

However, I believe this debate has been blown out of proportion. Spurs, before 2006, were a depressing mid-table side never competing for much. Since the great season in 05-06 fans have almost demanded Champions League football.

What English football fans fail to realise is how strong the ‘Big Four’ teams really are. They are four of the strongest clubs in the world who are improving each year due to their strong financial backbone. A lot of this money comes from the Premier League’s TV rights, the most money given out than any other league in the world. The top 4’s strength is shown in their recent performances in the Champions League, with 5 finalists in the last 4 years. However, we have seen a monotony in the last three Premier League Seasons with the same four clubs finishing in the top 4.

In comparison to what is regarded as the second best league in the world, La Liga, there is constant change in the top 4 every season, only Barcelona and Real Madrid finish in the Champions League places each season. In 2005-2006, Osasuna managed to finish 4th, followed by Valencia, Real and Barca. The following season, Sevilla managed to qualify for the CL finishing 3rd. And finally, last season saw 2 new teams in the top 4, Atletico finishing 4th and incredibly Villareal, who were non-league until the early 90s, beating Barcelona to 2nd.

I am not trying to say that Tottenham’s aim is impossible, it isn’t, the summer signings of Gomes, Modric and Giovani are actually the best of any Premiership clubs and are signs of the club’s ambitions. I believe the goal will be reached within the next few years, with Liverpool’s inconsistency and failure to sign top-class players in areas they need catching up on them. The main thing that all Spurs fans need is PATIENCE. It is no failure if we finish 5th this season when you see which clubs are infront, moaning about it just puts pressure on a good situation that is waiting to happen.


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