Arsenal boss Wenger reckons Tottenham’s Modric is too small for the Premier League

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Well, well, well, that didn’t take long did it?

With Spurs fans getting excited about the performances of their new midfield playmaker at Euro 2008, Arsene Wenger has allegedly scoffed at the lad’s chances of settling into the Premier League due to his weak, baby-like body. According to Martin Samuel at the Times Online,

Wenger has studied Modric’s spindly legs and twig-like frame first hand and visualised him being snapped in half by an opponent twice his size in the depths of an English winter. Isn’t that a shame?

No quotes there from Samuel, which makes the whole story dubious at best, but he continues nonetheless,

Yet Wenger, arguably the most sophisticated thinker in the Premier League, would not take a chance on him.

Having delivered his verdict, it was pointed out that Cesc Fàbregas, Arsenal’s playmaker, is not exactly the first person one would call on to get a book off the top shelf in the library, but Wenger saw it differently. He mimed Fàbregas by sticking out his chest and his chin to indicate a pocket general. In Wenger’s opinion, Fàbregas is one of those short, stocky items, a compact unit that cannot be easily knocked over, like those Mexican boxers who operate in the lower weight divisions, whereas Modric was one of those awkward challengers from Europe that always end up on the canvas.

Ouch. Thoughts/insults on a postcard (the comments).

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