Are Arsenal really not going to axe Eboue?

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Emmanuel Eboue a name that inspires disappointment and irritation in equal measures has seemingly not be linked with a move anywhere, however much Arsenal fans wish it to be the case. So does that mean the Ivorian has managed to avoid the Arsene axe?

The 25 year old right sided player basically went through last season getting progressively worse. He was by no means spectacular in his first two full seasons at the club but at least he was managing to not look like the weak link in the team. No doubt 07/08 will be a season that Eboue wishes to forget and he will be wanting to move on and try to earn the respect of the Emirates faithful but should he even be considered a first team starter? Amazingly he managed to get on the first eleven team sheet 31 times last term surely his chances will be few and far between until he begins to prove he is even close to being good enough to wear the jersey.

Towards the end of last season he became a painful sight to watch. Whereas during the early stages of the campaign he had an air of arrogance and the look of a player who thought he was much better than he really is, he turned into a player who realised just how out of his depth he was and he was more determined but looked an even sorrier character as every pass went astray and every tackle mistimed his contributions in matches against Man United where after one particularly poor first half he attempted to split Patrice Evra in two early in the second period and against AC Milan where his 70 minutes of ineffectiveness were put into stark perspective by his replacement Walcott’s inspired cameo.

I am sure that if Eboue makes it into September with a Gunners contract he will continue to have the wholehearted support of his loyal fan base but if he doesn’t correct his many failings and faults it will surely only be a matter of time before Arsene Wenger decides that enough is enough.

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