How do Arsenal fans feel about Wenger’s “selling club” remarks in SIX WORDS!

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Long-winded people are boring, and writing full sentences is for chumps. So instead you have just SIX words. Sound easy? Good for you.

Arsene Wenger has recently made statements that could worry Arsenal fans. He has been quoted as saying: “The strategy of the club is to sell every year and to buy less expensive players. We manage at Arsenal to maintain all our football ambitions both national and European while having to free up, for 17 more years, an annual surplus of £24m to pay for our stadium.”

Does this announcement worry Gunners fans or is the Frenchman just being realistic. What are your thoughts for the future?

You could probably write an essay about this. Well, tough, you only have SIX WORDS! Concise and creative, or just plain hilarious, it’s up to you now so leave your masterpiece in the comments.

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