Manchester United set to lose critical piece for upcoming season: How will this affect the club?

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For all the ridiculous comments that come out of United assistant Carlos Queiroz’s mouth, there’s never been any doubt about his overall importance at the club. From his deep rooted relationship with winger Cristiano Ronaldo, to his ability to help the club swoop for players like Anderson and Nani, the crazy assistant coach has been a massive behind-the-scenes piece at the club.

There has never been any doubt that the players on the pitch bring home the trophies; however, if you were to ask anyone on the squad how integral a role Queiroz plays on a daily basis, I’m sure you’d all hear the same words that he’s a very important part of the squad.

The Times is reporting today that Queiroz, after much discussion, has decided that he’s ready to move on to greener pastures in a move that is sure to shake up the United squad.

Sir Alex Ferguson has lost the first of his two major battles to keep key personnel after it emerged Carlos Queiroz is to accept an offer to become Portugal’s next manager. Ferguson is resigned to losing Queiroz, a crucial figure in Manchester United’s rebirth as European champions, and now faces the headache of finding the sixth No 2 of his 21-and-a-half-year reign. The manager remains adamant, however, that Cristiano Ronaldo will not be going to Real Madrid — despite fears that Queiroz’s departure will weaken United’s powers of persuasion with their unsettled star. (The Times)

For all the talk and discussion about Ronaldo leaving for Madrid, the departure of Queiroz for Portugal could be a signal that things could get very interesting before this summer is over. For a man that was once called a “father figure” by Ronaldo, this would seem to be the last person the club would want to lose with Madrid breathing down their back.

How would the departure of Crazy Uncle Carlos affect the team? Do you think United need to find a way to keep him at any cost?

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