Big shot agent gets what he deserves with 18-month ban: Have football agents soured the beautiful game?

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The Independent is reporting today that Wayne Rooney’s agent, Paul Stretford, has been fined £300,000 and banned from working as an agent for 18 months after a FA disciplinary commission questioned how he went about acquiring Manchester United striker, Wayne Rooney, as a client for his Proactive Sports Management group in 2002.

The independent regulatory commission’s sanctions follow charges brought by the FA against Stretford, founder of Proactive Sports Management, relating to how he acquired the right to represent Rooney in 2002. The charges were also for improper conduct in relation to Stretford “making false and/or misleading witness statements to police and giving false and/or misleading testimony to Warrington Crown Court” in a case about the circumstances of how he came to act for the England striker. (The Independent)

The story brings about a very big question that everyone in the footballing world seems to be talking about today: has the modern day football agent ruined the beautiful game?

From Alexander Hleb, to Robinho and countless other players currently employing an agent to represent them, the footballing world is covered with rogue agents who love to stir the pot between the media, potential suitors, and their client. What we usually end up with almost every time when these agents get involved, is a bad situation that almost surely leads to bridges being burned between club and client (Alexander Hleb once again!), and needless rumours being spread. But that’s my opinion.

We’d like to have your take on the situation. Do you think the modern day agent has ruined the game of football?

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