Rock solid £2m Arsenal midfielder has one foot out the door in potential shock move: Is Wenger ready for this Greek tragedy?

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Arsenal boss Arsène Wenger proclaimed recently that his big London club was nothing more than a ‘selling club.’ And if you are to believe those rich comments coming from the Frenchmen, then this rumour doesn’t come as a shock to anyone, as Arsenal look set to lose a key cog in their midfield for a mere £2m.

The East London and West Essex Guardian is reporting that Ken Friar, Arsenal’s acting managing director, has made it clear that midfielder Gilberto Silva is in talks with a move south to Greek club Panathinaikos.

Friar recently confirmed the rumour by letting the world know that the veteran midfielder was on his way to meet with the club about the move, and that if they came to an agreement, the club would honor the transfer.

“As far as I know, the player and his agent will travel to Athens to meet with the Panathinaikos representatives” Friar explained.

“If Gilberto reaches agreement with them then we will reach agreement with Panathinaikos.” (East London and West Essex Guardian)

I know Wenger is all about the youth movement, but offloading Silva just doesn’t seem like a good thing right now. At 31-years-old, the Brazilian isn’t getting any younger; however, that doesn’t mean he is past his prime. After spending a great deal of time at the club, Silva has more than enough experience to help along some of younger midfielders. What do Arsenal supporters think about the club offloading Silva this summer for £2m? Do you think it’s time he moved on to a new challenge?

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