Rafa calls off the hounds on TWO fantastic transfer targets: What’s really going on at Liverpool in SIX WORDS!

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As Mr Comfort always says: Long-winded people are boring, and writing full sentences is for chumps. Instead of writing us a novel, tell us why Liverpool can’t seem to get their act together in the summer transfer market, you have just SIX words to make your argument to the COS commentariat. Sound easy? Give it a go.

With the Liverpool Echo reporting this morning that the club is about to put their Gareth Barry move on hold if Villa don’t lower the valuation, and rumours swirling around today in the Daily Mirror about Rafa’s plans to abandon moves for David Silva, David Villa and possibly even Robbie Keane due to funds, Liverpool supporters have to surely be wondering what’s going on behind the scenes. The club was a mere day or two away from making their first big signing last week, but now things look to truly be on thin ice for the entire transfer lot!

Why can’t Liverpool get it together and make ONE big signing this summer? Be concise and let us know in SIX words!

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