What will be the first thing Ronaldo’s Manchester United team-mates say to him if he rejoins the club in SIX WORDS!

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As Mr Comfort always says: Long-winded people are boring, and writing full sentences is for chumps. Instead of writing us a novel, tell us what C-Ron’s team-mates will say to the winger if he returns to Man United next season after a summer of turmoil. You have just SIX words to make your argument to the COS commentariat. Sound easy? Give it a go.

Real Madrid midfielder Wesley Sneijder has made it clear that the Spanish champions do not need Cristiano Ronaldo as he will “disrupt” the squad next season. Better yet, he said a potential move for C-Ron and his big wages could cause a dressing room revolt! Wow, who wouldn’t pay to see that? With that in mind, it got us wondering how exactly Man United players feel about the whole transfer saga. Will Sir Alex and his team-mates accept the winger back 110%? Or will the bad blood be there from the start?

Let us know what you think Ronaldo’s team-mates would say to him if he showed up at practice later this summer after almost burning the club for Madrid? Be concise and let us know in SIX words!

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