Who is the ONE worst player at Arsenal!

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We here at COS (caughtoffside to the uninitiated) are looking to find the worst player in the Premier League. It’s easy to find the best players but try to single out the lowest of the low – that one player who really just doesn’t belong and appears to be a member of your squad because he holds some incriminating evidence concerning your club’s boss.

So we need first to find the ONE worst player at each club, then we can find the final 20 and make a poll, to get you all giddy with excitement.

So it’s your job to think about those on your clubs books who simply shouldn’t be paid to play football! Then you need to narrow down that list and find the ONE player who stands out and we will tally the most votes and that ONE player becomes the player from your team that goes forward to the poll of all polls!

So all you have to do is enter the name of your chosen player and perhaps the reasons why you have selected him. You can have a laugh with your fellow supporters by naming and shaming the worst of the lot and seeing if your selection is generally accepted by your fellow supporters!

Good Luck!

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