Is that Manchester City’s Swedish ex-manager with a pair of tall brunettes?

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We all know the stories about Sven-Goran Eriksson and his supposed womanising. Apparently, the Swede has charm in abundance when it comes to the fairer sex, no cheesy chat-up lines as far as old Svennis is concerned. However, it appeared that he’d surpassed himself in Mexico City on Wednesday, rocking up to meet a club manager with a lady on each arm.

The Guardian reports that while the man chatting to Pumas manager Ricardo Ferreti looked every inch to be the former England and Man City manager, it was instead an impostor, who makes his living from impersonating Eriksson.

“He explained to me that he was looking at players for his first squad selection for Mexico, and I believed him,” said Ricardo Ferreti, the team’s Brazilian manager who had been putting his players through shooting practice.

With his lilting Swedish accent and reputation as a romancer apparently intact judging by the women on his arms, he convinced onlooking reporters too. “All of a sudden he appears with two girls and it looked very strange indeed,” said José Angel Parra, who writes for El Universal. “We’d heard that over there [in Britain] he’d been involved in some scandals so we didn’t know what to think. They sat down behind the goal but then they were called over to the bench.”

The man in question was actually 56-year-old Derek Williams, who appeared to be concerned that Sven’s departure from City would mean he’d be looking for alternative employment. However, it appears that he managed to hoodwink this Mexican club into thinking he was the real deal, although the national federation don’t seem to be all that impressed!

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