What do Spurs fans think about the behaviour of Liverpool and Manchester United in SIX WORDS!

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Long-winded people are boring, and writing full sentences is for chumps. So instead you have just SIX words. Sound easy? Good for you.

Spurs chairman Daniel Levy isn’t happy about the behaviour of the two clubs chasing his two striker.

“It is unbelievably hypocritical given his comments in respect of Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid,” Levy said.
“The behaviour of both clubs has been disgraceful. We told both clubs very early on that we had no interest in selling Robbie or Dimitar, respectively, and that they should refrain from pursuing the player. (BBC Sport)

What do Spurs fans think about the actions of Rafa and Sir Alex? Is this just part and parcel of today’s game or have the two giants overstepped the mark with recent comments and actions? After all, the whole situation has even spawned a comic strip now.

You could probably write an essay about this. Well, tough, you only have SIX WORDS! Concise and creative, or just plain hilarious, it’s up to you now so leave your masterpiece in the comments.

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