Fulham striker in hot water after mime in front of Celtic fans – eek

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If you dish it out, then you should be prepared to take it. That’s what many of us were taught from an early age, yet it seemingly doesn’t stop football fans from abusing footballers, before complaining when there’s a retaliatory gesture coming their way.

Some issues are more sensitive than others, and for Celtic fans, somebody miming the playing of a flute in their direction is pretty inflammatory. Especially when it’s Fulham and Northern Ireland striker David Healy. The Daily Record report the outcry that the player has created, who was being baited like a badger before scoring in the so-called friendly game.

Healy’s agent said: “David says he has got some special Adidas boots made for him to commemorate all his goals for Northern Ireland.

“They have the Northern Ireland flag on the back with the goals on it.

“David was wearing these and was getting a bit of stick from two or three of the fans. I think one of them asked what he was doing on the 12th and if he was playing the flute.

“I think that’s when David turned around. But it was all good natured and the lads who were shouting at him actually gave the stewards their programme and he signed it for them.”

It all sounds a bit storm in teacup and footballers are not renowned for being the brightest stars in the galaxy. However, no matter how much money players earn, it appears they must still be prepared to be subjected to a high volume of abuse at visiting grounds without retaliating, even jokingly.

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