When will the Tottenham board start doing its job?

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It’s a usual July pre-season. It’s raining and we also have some superstar poncing around with his bottom lip out shouting ‘give me some attention’. And as usual, that historic if slightly-meandering team Tottenham Hotspur are pretending that they have some kind of buying power that exceeds that of any other team in the universe.

The answer is that they do not. However that does not stop all the press linking Spurs with every player that is possibly available – Bentley, Garcia, Villa, Capel, Wright Philips, Forlan and every Russian player to name a few. Just who are they kidding!?

As a Spurs fan, I am sick of the absolute mismanagement of this club. Lets look at the facts. Firstly, Spurs need a decent press officer who can control the tripe that has appeared in the press speculating over who we sell or buy. It just winds players up, fans up and other fans up.

Secondly, what the hell is happening behind the scenes? Keane and Berbatov want to go (ok fine – so piss off). However, less than five months ago, we sell Defoe – doh! Then we take really good young players from abroad and turn them from the future Pele into options for Sunderland. Then there is the debacle around the stadium that is just taking too long and our total inability to pull in a signing we really want (and not just because he is on the cheap)?

Spurs Top 4 – not a chance. Spurs Top 10 maybe. Spurs to attract top players – maybe also, but within two years, they will be gone and we will be where we were. Something has to give and fast as the binding self-destruction that embarrasses the club is also choking the fans. Mr Levy – stop growling at Mr Ferguson and start walking the walk – the time has come . . .

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