Liverpool in MASSIVE £44m bid: A very cheeky offer!

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Well it appears Rafa’s old friend has decided he would try his luck at a very cheeky manouevre in the transfer market!

Reports from Italy are that Inter Milan are ready to test the resolve of Liverpool and their American owners by mounting an audacious bid for Steven Gerrard.

The chances of Gerrard leaving Liverpool are remote and Inter and their manager Jose Mourinho in particular are fully aware of this, however they feel that it is worth trying in the hope that a huge bid will turn the heads of the club owners in this period of financial difficulties.

Liverpool are not in serious financial bother, they are however finding themselves limited in the transfer market and are being forced in to buying players at the lower end of the market, they are interested in both Barry and Keane but due to money issues are having to bid at realistic amounts, problem with that is that the market is not realistic at this time.
Inter accept that it is highly unlikely at this time to get Gerrard but with the off field problems at Liverpool, the financial problems and the less than overwhelming purchases there is nothing to lose than to test the Anfield clubs resolve.

Discreet enquiries it has been reported in Italy will be made over the next few days. (

Reports are suggesting that Gerrard is worth 55m Euros (which is around £44m), but surely in today’s market he is worth far more? I guess this is beside the point as Jose Mourinho has decided that having failed at landing Frank Lampard (at least not until next summer anyway), now the former Chelsea self-appointed ‘special one’ is trying to irritate his former enemy Rafa Benitez.

It’s a bold move and there really is no chance at all that Stevie G would consider moving. Every summer, he is linked with a move away and it’s gotten to the stage where no one takes the offers very seriously but you have to wonder at the Inter bosses motives? Anyway Gerrard is going nowhere! Do Liverpool fans think that the inspirational leader will ever play for another club side?

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