Want to travel abroad to watch a Premier League game this season for half the cost? We have the answer!

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It seems like only yesterday that the Premier League was nothing more than a localized brand that was coveted and obsessed over by a predominantly UK contingent. My how times have changed!

With the introduction of Sky Sports, Setanta and the ability to watch matches on the internet, the Premier League has changed from a UK-based league to an international brand that is known around the world.

With the increased interest in the league comes a new fanbase from every country imaginable. Supporters from China and US keep tabs on their favourite clubs every week from the comfort of their own home without ever having to get off the couch. Most watch the matches each week only dreaming of ever getting the chance to attend a match in person. While many would love to attend a match, the cost of the flight and hotel accommodation usually make the trip more than they can afford. And that’s before you have to add in the match ticket!

Well dream no more. EPL Talk is now giving those who truly want to catch a Premier League game in person a reality with their new FREE ebook that tells you how you can travel and catch a match this season for half the cost.

The ebook guides you through each step of the process. From tricks to finding the cheapest airline tickets, to ordering train tickets, currency, and saving on hard-to-find match tickets, this ebook gives you an edge on making a trip to see your favourite club a reality!

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