Another day, another story about Manchester United winger having a ‘Madrid dream’

How much longer will stories about Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid dominate the back pages of the tabloids? You have to give them credit for the ability to spin a yarn for several months, despite it becoming instantly repetitive and boring for anyone with half a brain. There must be people out there who lap up the crap that The Sun continue to peddle, they’ve still got some quotes as well!

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This time, they have found some comments from Pepe who is also Portuguese (spot the link!) and, wait for it, he plays for Real Madrid too (whoopee doo). This pretty much means that whatever the central defender says is gospel and we should take it all literally.

Pepe said: “It’s normal he wants to come. If he comes to Madrid he’ll be welcomed by everyone.

“The directors, players and fans welcome you here — Cristiano won’t have a problem.

“He has said many times that he likes Madrid. He knows the great history of Madrid and the club that it is.”

It’s pretty much a done deal then, Manchester United fans better start preparing to lose their loved one. After all, I like Athens, the capital city of Greece. Having been there many times, and knowing the history, it’s almost certain that I’ll be signing for AEK before the start of the season.

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