FIVE transfer targets to avoid like the plague! Arsenal, Spurs, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United take note!

Here is a quick run down of some money grabbing footballers who seem to have displayed a complete lack of loyalty to their clubs in pursuit of a slightly more obscene amount of money to what they already receive!

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David Bentley (Blackburn) – If ever a player could be said to be demonstrating a complete lack of commitment to a club that basically made him what he is then this former Arsenal man hits that nail on the head! His desire to move from Ewood Park couldn’t be more clear than if he put a sign around his neck saying “please buy me because I really am very good”. Apparently he wants to move because he is ‘ambitious’, which is a very patronising way to say “I think I am better than my team”. He also states that he wants to move down south but you can guarantee that if Manchester United decided to move for him the geographical reasoning would go out the window!

Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United) – Cristiano, or the worlds best paid slave as I like to think of him, really does appear to have the desire to become the most hated footballer in the UK for the second time. After his club stood by him after he contrived to get England knocked out of the World Cup you would think that the Portuguese international would feel some sort of connection to the club, but no, apparently it has been his lifetime desire to play for Real Madrid, who knew! I mean forget about the fact he only recently signed a huge contract, forget the fact that Sir Alex made him what he is today, the fact is that a move to Real Madrid would quite clearly be a step backwards! Quite how he can return to playing in a United shirt is beyond me, after the shameful attempts he and the Spanish club have made to orchestrate a transfer he will surely get booed every time he touches the ball!

Emmanuel Adebayor (Arsenal) – Adebayor wanted a pay rise, that is understandable, after all he had a great season and wasn’t one of the big earners at the club. However the Togolese international wanted a HUGE pay rise, one that would have completely ruined the wise pay scale the club has; a pay scale that has been created so that the club makes money rather than loses it. Then when the likes of AC Milan and Barcelona started sniffing around Emmanuel was suggesting that the north London club take the money for his sale the only problem was that those clubs it appears didn’t really want to bid for him anyway, at least they didn’t want to pay what the asking price was, so it looks like he is staying but he has damaged his standing at the club greatly as a result of the whole sorry affair. It might be worth pointing out to the striker that he isn’t even the best striker at the club so maybe he shouldn’t be asking to be the best paid player in the history of the club!

Frank Lampard (Chelsea) – Frank Lampard has been a great servant to Chelsea since he left West Ham for Stamford Bridge but now it appears he is quite unsubtly planning to run his contract down to its embers and then jump ship in pursuit of a few more million. Oh yes he loves the club and would never dream of leaving, and don’t worry he will sign that brand spanking new deal, oh hang on time is running out… You can guarantee that the only way the England international will stay at the club beyond next summer is if he is offered the kind of contract that includes the kind of sums of money that would help him to buy a small Eastern European city every other week. If Lampard doesn’t do a Sol I will personally eat a live Chimpanzee without the aid of a knife and fork. He would get so much more respect from most, although not Blues fans obviously, if he just said “look basically I am running out this contract then going to leave within seconds to pursue another big bag of gold”

Harry Kewell (Liverpool) – Yes I know he has already left the club but I find that every list involving footballers who have in some way shamed themselves would never be complete without this fantastic winger (and by fantastic I mean in the past tense, as in he was fantastic an eon ago when Leeds weren’t struggling to gain promotion from League One). His decision to join Galatasaray, given the history between that club and his former side is a decision only a player called Harry Kewell could ever make. After apparently being on the Roma radar, something that must surely have been the contruct of a mad scientist or an overly eager agent, the Turkish side decided to waste huge sums of money for a player who will fail. If he starts more than ten games for his new club I will donate all my organs to the RSPCA!

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