Manchester United manager hits back at Fifa president’s comments

This is not the first time that Sepp Blatter has found himself in the headlines for completely the wrong reason. Allegations of corruption have occurred several times during his ten-year tenure, while his comments about women footballers ‘wearing tighter shorts’ for added appeal incurred the wrath of many. Sir Alex Ferguson is the latest person to be critical of the Swiss head honcho, after the Fifa president claimed that Cristiano Ronaldo was a ‘slave’ at Old Trafford.

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It appears that Blatter had an ulterior motive for making these comments, with the guy having supposed links with Real Madrid, thus wanting them to land their man this summer. However, the Daily Telegraph report that Fergie has broken his silence on these comments, and retorted in a very dignified way.

He said: “It was an unfortunate statement from someone in such a position – slavery was abolished many years ago.

“These days footballers can earn five or six million pounds a year.

“I do not want to dignify this kind of statement with a response but when you consider the history of slavery, it was a very unfortunate statement.”

Indeed, most people would give their right arm to be in Cristiano Ronaldo’s position right now, and that doesn’t just mean lying on the beach day after day! To be told by Manchester United that you’re staying put and continuing your career at the club is no bad thing, especially as the player will get the opportunity to play in Spain for several years of his life.

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