Charmless Chelsea chief exec tells Spurs, Newcastle, Villa and Everton to ‘get their houses in order’

Just when you thought that Peter Kenyon couldn’t get any more unpopular, here is something which will surely do anything but endear him to the vast majority of football supporters. As we all know, Chelsea’s recent successes have been due in no small part to the club being bankrolled by a rich Russian oligarch, who has essentially changed the face of the Premier League as a result. However, this doesn’t stop the Blues chief executive protesting too much when someone claims that the division is now uncompetitive.

The Guardian find Kenyon in a bullish mood, claiming that the onus is on the UEFA Cup hopefuls to narrow the gap between themselves and the Big Four. While setting fire to some petty cash found in one of his drawers, he states that the likes of Tottenham and Everton need to get their act together – how very dare you!

When it was put to him that clubs outside the top four had been reduced to budgeting to finish 17th, he added: “I don’t meet that mentality on match day at Bolton or at Newcastle. Other teams in England should be knocking on our door: teams like Tottenham, Newcastle, Villa, Everton. It’s more about them getting their houses in order rather than us coming down to their level.”

If any club has their ‘house in order’, it’s surely Everton, who consistently achieve great things despite spending relatively little money every summer. Indeed, many would argue that Chelsea are the biggest financial shambles, operating at a loss every season to ensure that they can bring big-name stars to Stamford Bridge. Attack is clearly the best form of defence for Kenyon, who once again comes out with the sort of delusional bile that does his football club no favours.

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