Birmingham City co-owner demands Wigan ‘stop rape and pillage’ of club

You could never accuse David Gold of mincing his words at Birmingham City. The Blues co-owner has a reputation of shooting from the hip, and he’s becoming increasingly incensed by the antics of their former manager Steve Bruce. It’s fair to say that the former Manchester United captain hasn’t featured on Gold’s christmas card list recently, especially as legal action is now being threatened.

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The Daily Mail report that Birmingham are getting sick to the back teeth of Bruce nicking all their backroom staff, who are joining him at Wigan. Eric Black, Nigel Spink and Will Royall have all made the switch and the Midlands club want to bring an end to this or they’ll be pressing charges.

Sullivan’s co-owner, David Gold, speaking on behalf of the board, said: ‘The Premier League states you are not allowed to poach other people’s staff. What do we want? Compensation. It’s not sour grapes.

‘All of these people had to be replaced and most have cost us. While people are saying we got £3m for Steve Bruce that does not allow Wigan to rape and pillage us for the next 20 years.’

A Wigan source said: ‘Along with the management staff, we have signed Wilson Palacios, Daniel de Ridder and Olivier Kapo. They didn’t take up the option on Palacios, gave de Ridder a free transfer and received their money back on Kapo. So we cannot understand what all this fuss is about.’

It’s perfectly normal for a manager to leave a club and want to bring his backroom staff with him. However, there’s been bad blood between Bruce and Birmingham’s co-owners ever since the former left the club for Wigan, with a dispute over image rights creating a storm which still hasn’t died down.

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