COS Big Up – August 05, 2008

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The COS Big Up brings you a daily batch of our favourite stories. Avast ye mateys!

Studs Up adds to yesterday’s chortlefest between The Lord of the Ferg and Juande Ramos by riffing on Ruud Van ‘Horseface’ and his decision to quit international football. (Studs Up)

Meanwhile, The Spoiler brings us the exciting news that Manchester United’s very own Fergie-Ferg now fancies himself as a bit of a film buff. (The Spoiler)

And if all this Kermodian chin-stroking film buffery is too much for you, we have a list of all Cristiano “Slave” Ronaldo’s conquests for you to drool over. (The Offside)

And finally…Who Ate All The Pies brings us an interesting banner from the Anfield Massive as well as Craig Bellamy’s top 6 bust ups ever! (Who Ate All The Pies?)

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