£20m Tottenham target sinks to “slave” claim: What has Blatter started?

Tottenham’s £20 million Russian target has been likened to a slave, continuing the ridiculous claims that were started by the oh-so-wise head of world football Sepp Blatter.

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As talks between Spurs and Zenit St Petersburg roll on, Russian Euro 2008 star Andrei Arshavin has been likened to a slave by his agent Dennis Lachter. Lachter has gone on to accuse Zenit of being a dictatorship, not considering the wants of the player as a person:

Nothing will change because this is the old Soviet Union way. For the Russian sports establishment the desires of the player mean absolutely nothing.

They are the big bosses. It is a dictatorship. He is a slave

Zenit are said to be holding out for their asking fee of around £27 million, while Spurs are only looking to pay £20 million to bring the 27-year-old to White Hart Lane.

The likening of one of the best paid players in Russia being likened by a slave is made a mockery by Lachter himself. Back in June, just before the end of Euro 2008, when Arshavin’s stock was at its highest, he said:

There are not that many clubs in the world that can match his pay at the moment.

Can someone who makes that claim, then declares they are upping sticks, then is made to wait while the club sorts out a price, really be taken seriously? Is Lachter aware of how much slaves were paid? Maybe he attended the same history classes as Sepp Blatter.

Has Blatter ruined football through his ridiculous claim that Ronaldo was a slave for not being allowed to move to Real Madrid? Will any player who does not get his way now claim to be a slave as a way to gain sympathy from fans? Are players that deluded that they think fans can forgive their disloyalty by being told they are held against their will, despite the lack of a barrel inprint on their head when they signed their £80,000 a week contract?

I’m sure most of us who get paid a quarter of their weekly wage in a year would rather be elsewhere, but we do not liken ourselves to slaves. We do our job for the people that pay our wages.

Do Tottenham really want a player who, through their agent at least, seem to be doing aynthing to leave their current club? If you do get him and he does well, whats to stop him accusing Spurs of treating him like a slave when they do not sell him on the cheap to a bigger club? Would he be worth the hassle?

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