COS Big Up – August 07, 2008

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The COS Big Up brings you a daily batch of our favourite stories. Avast ye mateys!

If the England team is supported by a merry and delusional band of fantasists, then what of the mooted British Olympic Football team? Studs Up has the answer, and it involves an all-English 1st XI. (Studs Up)

…And the Who Ate all the pies have responded to Studs Up by cobbling together a list of 6 non-Englishmen who could make the grade. (Who ate all the pies)

Superhuman footballer – and Olympian – Leo Messi, played for the Argies today, and it was a pretty normal day at the office for the lank haired whelp – scoring one and setting one up. (The Offside)

…And finally… for those rapidly growing tired of Big Up’s Olympic theme today, have a butcher’s at this hardcore overhead kick. (The Spoiler)

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