West Ham prepared to bite the bullet and throw £6m out the window: Curbs must be fuming mad!

Oh, this bit of news is sure to have West Ham manager Alan Curbishley blowing steam out of his ears. After spending over £13m on often-injured winger, Freddie Ljungberg, the club has finally given into the realisation that their once promising player is nothing more than a waste of football space. They’re ready to give him the boot for an astronomical price!

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Freddie Ljungberg’s disastrous spell at Upton Park is over after only 12 months as West Ham agreed to pay a staggering £6million to get him off their spiralling wage billl.

As the full extent of Ljungberg’s incredible salary details emerged – he is paid £85,000 a week and had an option for another year if he made just 15 appearances this season – West Ham are still suffering from the aftershock of one of the most expensive mistakes in British football history.

In total, he cost them approximately £13m, taking into account transfer fee, wages and his pay-off – working out at over £500,000 per game, following 25 appearances for the club last season in which he made little impact. (Daily Mail)

It really makes you cringe when you consider the club spent that much on Ljungberg since he made the move from Arsenal to Upton Park in 2007. After sitting on the bench due to numerous injuries, Curbs and the West Ham brass figure it’s better to get him off their wage book, than to pay him another week’s worth of wages. One can only wonder what kind of quality transfer would have been worth the £6m they just had to throw away.

What do West Ham supporters think about letting Ljungberg leave for £6m? Was he ever going to make a difference at Upton Park?

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