Chelsea + Kaka = Premier League Champions?

Chelsea have already brought in wily old bruiser Phil Scolari, with a bulging cv and a World Cup winners medal. Now it seems they are ready to go for one of the biggest superstars in the world…

The ever-reliable Independent is whispering in our ear, and they are telling us that Kaka could still make a switch to Stamford Bridge after he decided that the grizzled old gits at AC Milan were unable to match his ambitions.

The Brazilian Kaka could still join Chelsea before the end of the month, according to the player’s agent, Diogo Kotscho. “We know that the clubs are talking about the transfer, although they have not reached a conclusion yet,” he said. “I think an August transfer is still a possibility, although Kaka will only talk about that when they do a deal. He is waiting and then he will start to negotiate with Chelsea. Normally, Milan do not sell their best players. We think they like the proposal, but it is not so easy for them to accept it. For now we must just wait and see.” (Independent)

Last years Premier League superstar was Ronaldo, who left all other clubs in slacked-jawed disbelief. Could the signing of Kaka be enough to tip that balance in Chelsea’s favour?

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