The former ‘Special One’ claims Arsenal are too young to win the title this season: He likes a SHOCK pick to walk away with the crown!

Former Chelsea boss, Jose Mourinho, has never been one to shy away from the spotlight. From proclaiming himself as “the special one” during a press conference in 2004, to consistently calling out United manager Sir Alex Ferguson, the Portuguese manager has been known to open his wide mouth on many occasions. Well, he’s back once again! This time he’s playing Nostradamus by giving his predictions on Arsenal’s upcoming Premier League season!

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Mourinho said: ‘I saw Arsenal. They have a good team but have a small group of experienced players. The second group is full of boys. They have talent but maybe Arsenal are without the depth needed to win the title.

‘Man United and Chelsea will be fighting but one day Liverpool are going to get that title. I think it might be this year.’ (Daily Mail)

Mourinho might not be too keen on Arsenal’s chances, but he seems to like Liverpool’s squad enough to claim that “it might be this year.” Arsenal do have a relatively young squad; however, one would have to assume that right now it’s not age that’s hurting Arsenal, but rather the depth. With a host of midfielders leaving this season, the club will now have to rely heavily on Cesc Fabregas and a relatively green transfer group for an entire season.

Whilst the Special One’s comments on Arsenal might sting a bit, the comments on Liverpool might come as a shock to many. But should they? After all, this is the same manager who despises United, wouldn’t give Arsene Wenger the time of day, and surely wouldn’t give a vote of confidence to his former club. Are Liverpool the default pick?

What do Liverpool supporters think about Jose’s remarks? Do Arsenal supporters really believe their squad is too young to contend for the title this year?

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