FILL IN THE BLANKS: Where will Newcastle finish the 2008-09 Premier League season?

With the 2008-09 Premier League season now less than a week away, we here at COS thought it was only proper to play a bit of football mad libs to bide the time before Saturday’s kickoff. So take a moment, put on your Nostradamus caps, and let us know where your team will finish this season by filling in the blanks in the sentences below.

Newcastle will finish the season in __________ place in the Premier League. They will also take home ________ pieces of silverware this season.

It’s a pretty simple question, really. We want to where you think Newcastle will finish this season in the league, and just how many trophies you think the club will finish with before the season is done. Will you be happy with a top 10 finish? Is silverware even an option? We want to know!

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