The Manchester City ‘source’ pops up again – claiming Mark Hughes will quit!

If you’re a newspaper desperate to sell copies every day, how do you make the stories more enticing? One of the things you can do is get some quotes from players or managers, that always spices things up. But what about if nobody will speak to you about the subject in hand, such as the potential disaster waiting to happen at Eastlands?

That’s where the ‘source’ comes from, which is a license to make up a quote and get the readers salivating over the fictitious nonsense you have created. A few days ago, The S*n assembled a quote regarding the move of Vedran Corluka to Spurs, something that amazingly hasn’t yet happened. Now, they’re at it again, claiming that Mark Hughes is ready to walk out of the club. Don’t believe it? Who are you to doubt the made-up source!

A City source said: “This is not the dream package sold to Mark.

“The club is falling apart and nobody knows how much longer Shinawatra will hang around.

“It feels as though we’re in meltdown and all Mark is trying to do is hang on to everything for the sake of the club.

“But if it carries on — and players are sold without his consent — he won’t stand any more. He’ll just walk.”

Hughes hit the roof after Saturday’s friendly with AC Milan and tore into City’s chief operating officer Paul Aldridge, who was involved in an attempted £8million move to sell Ireland.

The insider added: “Some harsh words were exchanged and Mark left everyone in no doubt how he felt.”

How lucky this trashy tabloid is to have an insider at the club, giving us these juicy snippets of untruths. Is Hughes really on the verge of walking out of Man City, or will he remain in the hotseat and try to do the very best with the squad of talented players at his disposal?

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