Liverpool receive MASSIVE blow from £18m sensation: He has ZERO interest in playing abroad this year!

Well this is surely the type of news Rafa Benitez wasn’t hoping to hear with the transfer window nearing the most critical time of the summer. A certain Spanish ace has made it known that he has no interest in playing for Liverpool, or any other club in England this season!

[David Silva] has been linked with Liverpool for several weeks, with Manchester United also rumored to be keeping tabs on the talented left-sided playmaker.

However, Silva told the Daily Star: “I have no desire to play in England. My club know my decision and it will not change.

“If I leave Valencia, my dream will be to go to Barcelona. I know there is interest from some big clubs in England, but I do not just want to move for the money.

“England is one of the best leagues in the world, but I think that Spain is superior.” (Daily Star)

Talk about dropping a bombshell on Rafa at the worst time! Benitez has been linked with the Spanish sensation for some time now; however, most of the Silva to Liverpool links came directly from the daily paper talk, so almost all of it should have been taken with a grain of salt. But in the end, this is exactly the type of player that Liverpool really needed; a player that could stretch the field and make it happen from a position where the Anfield club really needed the extra depth.

Word around the rumour mill this morning is that Rafa Benitez is set to have talks with current ownership about resurrecting a potential Gareth Barry deal. While most will be shocked to hear that the goateed-one is headed back for Barry, it might not be so far-fetched — especially if Benitez now realises that Silva is off the table. Barry could now be the “one transfer target” Liverpool hope to secure before the start of the season.

What do Liverpool supporters think about the Silva news? Do you think the club should still try and find a way to talk him out of staying at Valencia?

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