‘Manchester United peaked last season’ claims Chelsea captain. Is he correct?

It’s a bit like two political parties sniping at each other, whatever happened to just focusing on your own team and talking up your chances, rather than trying to pick holes in the opposition? Sir Alex Ferguson claimed a few weeks ago that the Chelsea squad looked a bit long in the tooth these days, a completely baffling statement. Now John Terry has got the media in a tizzy with some ungracious words about United, why doesn’t the dunderhead look at keeping his own house in order?

Probably because he likes to be the big man in front of the flash bulbs and the microphones. Sky Sports reports the Chelsea captain enjoying the limelight and claiming that the champions aren’t going to have another season like the last campaign. He conveniently seems to forget that the Red Devils had a slow start to last term, drawing with Reading and Portsmouth, while losing to Man City.

“I think Sir Alex realises we weren’t too far away from United when they were at the very top of their game,” he said.

“I don’t think United have another level to go to. They had a lot of players in their team who have been at the peak of their form for the last two years.

“Rio Ferdinand has been awesome for the last two years and Cristiano Ronaldo was unbelievable – I don’t think you’ll see that again.

“Wayne Rooney, Carlos Tevez, Ryan Giggs – they have all been fantastic. With the injuries we’ve had, as players we can all raise the bar a little bit.

“With it being that close in the Premier League and Champions League, they know we’ll give them a big run for their money.

“I think we can close the gap because Man Utd were at the very top of their game last season.”

It’s true that United have been heavily reliant on Cristiano Ronaldo for the past couple of seasons, and his enforced absence means that scoring goals might me more of a problem, especially while Wayne Rooney is out. Is Terry right to claim that Chelsea are open to improvement which should see them steal a march on their title rivals?

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