PUGS = Fun

PUGs? No, not the stupid dogs with mental eyes. PUGs are Pop Up Goals and the fine folks at sent us a set to try out in the office.

Yes, in the office. That’s what makes the PUG great, it really is easy, instant football virtually anywhere you have a teeny bit of space.

They’re 6 foot wide and while they would obviously make for a great kickabout in the park, we’re much more concerned about providing indoor entertainment since that’s where we spend most of our time.

A 30 second set up in the hallway and we were off, they actually ended up being too wide for the hallways so we had to turn them at an angle. Luckily the goals come in a 4 foot size as well (our sample was the 6 foot).

Needless to say, it was plenty of fun. The goals have nets, which makes them far better than using jumpers or the homeless and there were no problems using a small or regular sized football. The goals also held up well even when smacked in the frame by a thunderous screamer from 5 yards away. The goal shifted a bit, but didn’t buckle or fall which was surprising. The weight distribution has been very well calculated.

A sweaty 15 minutes later, because that’s all we can manage to exercise at one time, and the COS team is done. Putting the PUG away is easy, you just twist and fold and it’s back in the bag in another 30 seconds.

So if you’re looking for a better casual kickabout experience, you need a PUG. And not the mental dog.