Spurs boss makes some very odd choices and pays the price!

What exactly was Magic doing yesterday? I’m going to have to open this to the floor because I’ll be f***ed if I know!

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A central midfielder at right-back, a fit right-back on the bench. The second (third?) choice left-back on the pitch, the fully-fit first choice (and in my view one of the best in the league) left-back on the bench. Back-up and still very unsure centre-half on the pitch, first choice, club captain, fully fit for the first time in ages, club legend and one of the best in the country…..on the bench.

So, a makeshift back four. Better protect them I guess. Oh look, it’s a front six. Totally exposed then. Compounded even further by having the England right winger on the left and a player who has done a sum total of f*** all for 18 months on the right.

Has nothing been learnt from last season? Seems not. All pre-season it has been clear that Ramos would be playing a 4-1-4-1 or 4-2-3-1 formation with Bent up front by himself. So in the first game, momentum required, he plays 4-4-2 with a totally unbalanced midfied and a makeshift defence.

I’m really confused, I just don’t get it. Surely the obvious team to play yesterday was Gomes; Bale, Woodgate, King, Gunter; Jenas, Huddlestone; Dos Santos, Modric, Bentley; Bent? Or even Zokora in for Hudd.

Spurs played okay, I thought the Boro goals were a tad lucky in their execution, but the stats don’t lie. For a team that scored so many in pre-season, three shots on target is just not good enough. Things only happened when Bale and Berbatov came on and Modric was nowhere to be seen.

Ramos has to re-assure Spurs fans in the next game that this isn’t another period of weird team selections and out of position players a la Jol, because last time this happened it all went downhill very fast.

Debate the latest rumours at the brand spanking new COS forum!

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