Did the Liverpool manager REALLY almost quit over missed transfer signing?

If you believe the Daily Mail (and, honestly, who doesn’t?) and their proper inside sources, then Liverpool supporters might be wondering if there are new possible rumblings and grumblings going on behind the scenes at Anfield. The new rumours include the three stooges: Stooge Hicks, Stooge Parry and Stooge Gillett. But does this new comedy now also include a whining Spanish manager who was reallywilling to walk because of a certain Villa midfielder?

[Benitez] is apparently trying to by-pass chief executive Rick Parry and get Tom Hicks onside in a desperate last-ditch bid to get the deal back on. Obviously, he doesn’t think there has been enough acrimony at Liverpool over the past year because this latest episode can only end in tears.

Benitez feels so strongly about the issue he almost quit over it. If he thinks his position at Anfield is that strong, maybe he should try actually resigning rather than threatening it.

That would at least force somebody’s hand and then maybe the curtain would finally fall on Benitez’s poor stand-up routine. (Daily Mail)

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Benitez has been, and will be for the foreseeable future, the manager at Liverpool; regardless, this is the type of talk you don’t want at the start of the season. After getting blasted by the media over the weekend for not starting Alonso in the first match and nearly losing to Sunderland if not for a Torres wonder goal, Benitez could now be piling it on with what would surely be one of the most bizarre transfer temper tantrums of the August window. Is Villa skipper Gareth Barry really worth so much to Rafa that he’d walk out of Anfield for a player that the club doesn’t even need? Who knows for sure. All we do know if that it will be an interesting two weeks at Liverpool heading to the end-of-the-month transfer deadline!

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