Dodgy guttersnipe paper has a pop at Everton’s David Moyes…

The Daily Mail aka The Daily Hate Mail has today had a pop at David Moyes aka the Moyesiah, for his shambling summer of non-signings and the fact that he has yet to scrawl his signature on a brand spanking new contract.

Poor Evertonians have been spending their summer cringing, but now the Daily Mail‘s colourfully named Hatchet Man is pointing the finger squarely in David Moyes’ proud Scottish face for this summer’s transfer foul up.

What is David Moyes up to?

After guiding Everton to fifth place last season the manager has become involved in a disgraceful political game which has left the club teetering on the edge of disaster.

In his soft Scots burr, he has been whingeing about the need for seven more players, running to Everton fans to celebrate their win at, of all teams, West Brom, and generally throwing his toys out of the pram.

Then Moyes outrageously pretends it is him ‘letting the players down’ in an attempt to win the PR battle.

Did he not read the brochure when he joined the club six years ago? It is a long time since the club were at the top of the tree in English football and now they simply don’t have the money to compete. (Daily Mail)

So is the Daily Mail right to attack David Moyes, and don’t they realise that the Moyesiah steered Everton to fourth place (ahead of the then European champions) with a very emaciated squad?…

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